The famous (or infamous)
Have you ever walked down a crowded sidewalk, jostled and elbowed by stinky rude strangers and thought, "Gee, there are just too damn many people, nowadays." Have you ever been stuck in traffic on a hot day with your air conditioner broken and illegal aliens on bicycles farting in your window? Well, There's help on the way.

The American Diabetes Association has devised a plan to weed out a large portion of the population using a device called the "Food Pyramid." Its method is to raise the blood glucose levels of Type 2 diabetics so high that their balls explode. The idea is, maybe they'll move to Switzerland where they can sit naked in the nice cool snow.

Although CITC (Carb Induced Testicular Combustion) would do much to alleviate the over-population problem in this country it is but, alas, a figment of my sick imagination.

American Daibetes Association is (to my knowledge) the leading source of information for diabetics in this country and is, obviously, concerned about the health of all us diseased people but I just can't help but wonder about that pyramid thing. If you are a Type 2 diabetic (your doctor did tell you what type your were - didn't he?) you might wanna discuss some of the pyramid recommendations with your mom or somebody - maybe even a nutritionist or health diet guy - before you jump on the pyramid and start gobbling grain and carrots and corn and potatoes, etc.

Anyway, here's the link to the pyramid....
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