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Songs from: Lou Rawls, Lionel Ritchy, Neil Diamond, Comodores, Gino Vinelli, Marvin Gaye, Engelbert, Jimmy Buffet, Elvis, Billy Joel, Doobies, George Benson, Steely Dan, Sinatra, Tom Jones, Wilson Picket, Platters, Stevie Wonder, Tony Bennett, Tod Rundgren, Stylistics, BJ Thomas, Beach Boys, and many, many more.
Johnnie McCoy is a veteran entertainer with experience in vitrually every imaginable facet of entertainment. Johnnie is a Class Act with music directed towards mature audiences in finer venues. Johnnie also performs headline Stand-Up comedy suitable for cruise ship patrons.
Johnnie's act is heavily sequenced using midi files of his own and many others from professional programmers. His sound is very full, danceable, and instrumental parts are reminicent of the original recordings. Johnnie is a strong singer capable of many different styles of music. Most Songs are from the 50's, 60's and 70's.
Bilmar Hotel - Treasure Island, Fl.
Quarterdeck - Atlanta, Ga.
Holiday Inn - Hilton Head, SC.
Captains Table, Los Angles, Ca.
Holiday Inn Disney, Orlando, Fl.
Ramada Inn, Keywest, Fl.
Playboy Club, Chicago, Ill.
Eden Roc Hotel, Miami Beach, Fl
Holiday Inn Dome, Houston, Tx.
Fairmont Hotel, Atlanta, Ga.
Deja Vu     Lonely Girl    Gigilo     Sept Morn
email Johnnie McCoy   -  johnnie@johnniemccoy.com