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I live in St. Petersburg, Florida. I love it here. There are dolphins in
the bay and parrots in the palm trees. There are miles of beautiful gulf beaches teaming with luscious young snow bunnies, and cool, dark bars where you can guzzle margarita's while hiding from the
mid-day sun.
I write, read, eat, drink and sleep... and kick George (ill-tempered mutt) for crapping in the house. The four wives have all run off somewhere so I don't have to take out the garbage till I'm good and ready, and the kids find me boring and stay away - till they need something.
I'm quite happy.
What's with these people who like to run around naked at the beach. If God had wanted us to...(click)
If you're from up north, please don't feed our alligators. They're not very smart. They think food drops off...(click)
Here's a little tip; if you get sick on a boat, eat a can of stewed tomatoes. It ,doesn't help but it looks pretty in the water.
So, I get on this ship... go to my cabin...(click)
...gotta have a big monster thing. I guess we need a 12 ton, 4-wheel drive troop carrier to run to the 7-11... in case there's a swamp there...(click)
the sounds and smells of the bustling city of Miami wafting across the bay.... the soft chattering of far away Uzis...(click)
Actually, at my age It's nice to still be around anywhere they don't put dead people.... you get this age you're pretty much just waiting to die..... so, I figured I'd just wait here...(click)
How to use your new computer...(click)
I was born in Phil. Pa. ...Parents travelled around a lot... dad trying to find his forturne... he found it in Florida... I became a musician at a very early age... went on the road... learned to play alto, tenor, saprano, baritone sax, flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, banjo, bass guitar, drums, keyboards... learned to sing pretty good... did a lot of stand-up comedy... played night clubs and cruise ships... married some women--4 of them to be exact (probably shoulda kept at least one of them..oh well)... had some children... became a pilot... a pretty good photographer... studied a Lot of martial arts (long time ago)... got a ham radio license (KC4YXO)... learned a lot about computers... made some money here and there (in music and comedy; not computers).... blew every dime I ever made on "Cigarettes And Whisky And Wild Wild Women" (old song) ... and just partied big time all my life... (well, a lot of it)... and generally, found a way to make everything I did fun... and I still feel the same way that I always have about life... "If you can't make it fun, don't do it."

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