Just Diagnosed With Diabetes?
.....first of all - don't freak out!
The majority of people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes just keep trucking right along to a ripe old age. That is, if they take it seriously and follow some very simple guidelines.

Number 1 very simple guideline:

Make sure your doctor has:

Explained your condition, thoroughly, giving you a good understanding of exactly what diabetes is and how it has, and will, affect you.

Explained the meaning of the test results that led to your diagnoses.

If he prescribed medications, he should have explained what they were, what they do and why he is prescribing them.

Given you an understanding of a diabetic-friendly diet and what foods to avoid and why.

Provided you with references for diabetics like books or internet resources.

Explained about Blood Glucose meters and how to use them.

These are basic, minimum, things you should expect from your doctor when you are diagnosed. Make sure they (at least) have happened.

Number 2 very simple guideline:

If you are reading this then you have internet access, use it. Start researching. Take responsibility for learning how to control your diabetes. There are hundreds of valuable sites on the web for diabetics. I suggest you start with

Number 3 very simple guideline:

Learn to eat - a diabetic-friendly diet - that keeps your Blood Glucose numbers where they should be (for you) and stick to it.

Number 4 very simple guideline:

Begin an exercise regimen. Just do what you're able to do but do it regularly. It's important. Use the internet to learn why.

Number 5 very simple guideline:

Make sure you know all you need to know about your medications. Be aware of how they are working for you. Watch for side effects and, as you learn more, don't be afraid to suggest to your doctor that he consider new, or different, treatments.


Most people, when diagnosed, simply begin eating the right way, start a "reasonable" exercise program that they can live with comfortably, take the meds they find they can tolerate well, test often to make sure they are maintaining control, then, go on with their lives as normally as anyone else.

After a month, or so, of "handling" your diabetes correctly, you'll find that the things you have to do to maintain control of your bgs seem normal, no big deal, just life as usual and, with your new diet and exercise program, you'll probably outlive your friends.

So.... don't freak out. Just do what needs to be done then keep on truckin....

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